Refresh Movers and Makers Vol. 4: The Importance of Self-Care

Join local shop owners, makers and teachers to find out how to set the tone for a more balanced, creative self. How can we embrace a more holistic approach to the art of self-care? What can we do to ensure we are checking in? Learn about the importance of physical and mental nourishment, making time and setting intentions as we follow the journeys of three creative women whose daily rituals have helped shaped their businesses.  

At this talk, you can expect to: 

  • Get simple self-care practices that you can incorporate into your daily ritual
  • Learn about the power of setting intentions 
  • Discover the relationship between what we eat and how we feel
  • Find out how to use aromatherapy to trigger relaxation and well-being


Nicolette Richer - The Green Moustache/ Richer Health

Mikki Bernier - Nootka Naturals

Kristin Campbell - Kristin Campbell Yoga/Squamish Water Kefir


Your ticket includes non-alcoholic refreshments and treats courtesy of Tall Tree Bakery, plus the opportunity to connect and be social with fun, likeminded folks. 

The Panel:

Nicolette Richer

For over 15 years, Nicolette was an environmental policy developer & educator in Government and founder & Board Member of several NGOs including Sea to Sky Thrivers Society. As a result, she knows the inextricable link between the food we eat, cancer and overall planetary health. Leaving her career behind in 2013, Nicolette founded Canada's fastest growing collection of 100% Organic, plant-based, whole-foods restaurants, Green Moustache Juice Inc. As an entrepreneur, speaker, and orthomolecular health consultant her vision for healthy communities starts with providing people with access to affordable, 100% organic, nutrient-dense, soil to belly meals and beverages. She holds an MA in Environmental Education and Communications from Royal Roads University and a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies and Sustainable Community Development from Simon Fraser University. When Nicolette is not busy growing the Green Mo' or helping her clients eat-to-beat their chronic diseases, she can be found hanging out in the beautiful mountains of Whistler with her brilliant husband, three adventurous daughters and their frisky puppy, Gus.

Mikki Bernier

Mikki Bernier is the proud owner of Nootka Naturals and Angelica Root Organics and has been in the holistic health industry since 2006. Mikki moved to Squamish with her husband 3 years ago.  They’ve since started a family and 2.5 years ago launched Nootka Naturals and opened the door of their first retail location. 12 years ago she started her first business, Angelica Root Organics out of University where she studied Small Business and Entrepreneurship. At the time her true passions were for art and culinary. Other studies throughout her journey in the Natural Health Industry have included Holistic Nutrition and Aromatherapy. 

Kristin Campbell

When not teaching yoga, or teaching people how to teach yoga, you might find Kristin Campbell brewing water-kefir, picking snap peas off the vine, barbecuing with friends, going for a fabulous coffee, the gym, or playing outdoors in the beauty of her surroundings in Squamish. In addition to all things yoga, Kristin practices self-care (self-love) with meditation and living ayurvedically. Ayur = Life, Veda = Knowledge. Kristin is obsessed with the power and healing potential of food - from kitchari to oil pulling with coconut oil, from superfoods to roasted yams, from watermelon radishes to caribou medallions with black cherry compote. In Sept 2015, Kristin partnered with her gal pal, Sabrina Horlyck to launch Squamish Water Kefir Co, and is are proud of their delicious product and its ability to bring healthy probiotics and digestive enzymes to kitchen tables in our community.


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